Saturday, April 7, 2012

Semana Santa pt 2

Without boring the rest of the world, I am going to quickly go through the events of the past couple of days.

Last Saturday we ended up in this small beach town because they were having a Hippica. It was great. The cowboys rode their horses down the street and made them dance. Everyone else, okay and maybe the cowboys, drank. We started after a morning at the beach and continued on til about midnight. It was a raging party for a small beach town. The best part was the title of our tab at the hostel, "La cuenta de los gringos." Awesome? I think yes.

The next morning we hitched our way back to Playa Popoyo for another day at the beach. The following day we hitched a ride almost to the beach town of Gigante. We did, however, have to walk the last 5 km. That was pretty hard with all of our stuff in the sun. BUT, we made it and spent the rest of the day surfing it up!

That night we ate dinner on top of this hill over looking the ocean. Def one of the best views of my life. The food and the people were also amazing! The best part was when the power went off a few minutes into eating our dinner. They were so concerned with getting us light so we could eat but we kept on eating. It did not phase us one bit. We were able to finish our dinners before they found another power source. I will saw that eating by the star light was one of the coolest experiences.

The following morning we had to set out for our return trip to Granada. Again, we were able to hitch a ride so we didn't have to walk the 5 km again. This trip was actually amazing because we were in the back of a work truck (the only way to hitch, don't worry I would never hitch on my own or get into a car-that would be just stupid, haha). They actually drove us all the way to the town we needed to catch our Granada bus from. It must have saved us over an hour of travel time. Thank you random people.

After arriving in Granada, I was able to wash my clothes at a friends house. This was the first time in over a month that I was able to really wash my clothes-not in sink. (FYI, there are plenty of places to wash clothes but I don't want to pay). The next day I made my way back to Leon. Back to the heat. My first night here there was the most amazing rain storm. It lasted almost all night. That might have been a hint of what we have to look forward to in May. Who knows?

This next week I am head out to the campo (farm) for Spanish school. I will be staying with a host family and I should have plenty of interesting stories when I get back next weekend.


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