Friday, November 19, 2010

Just Life

                I can’t say there are really any new huge developments in my life.  It is pretty much the same old same old.  The weather has gotten nice again so it’s not freezing in my school.  (For those who missed it, my school or my house for that matter is heated).  It does not get that cold here in Samegrelo because we are so close to the Black Sea but it does get colder at night.  And no heating really does make a difference. 
                I am still conducting English Club after school on Mondays and Thursdays.  It has been a challenge to keep my students focused on using English rather than trying to teach me Megruli (the non-written language that is spoken in the Samegrelo region of Saqartvelo (Georgia)).  They think it’s just hilarious to hear me says words in Kartuli (Georgian) and Megruli.  I think it’s funny to because I know I can’t make certain sounds but that door swings both ways so we have a good time trying to teach each other.
                My family is still amazing! I love talking and hanging out with my sister.  She is so motivated to learn English and I can’t be more proud of her.  She used to not say anything when she didn’t understand something but now she stops me mid-sentence and asks me to define a word.
                My brother is learning more and more English as time goes on.  He has been writing my name and a few other words in English and giving them to me.  I have been gluing them in my journal so I can show them off when I get home. 
                School is about the same.  I am trying to participate more in my classes but it’s not really happening.  I have yet to work out with my English teachers how they can actually use me in the classroom rather than just for reading something aloud or working on word pronunciation.  The kids are still enthusiastic so that makes me happy.

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