Saturday, November 6, 2010

random thoughts and quotes

Just some random thoughts I have had while being here.
  • Who needs a lawn mower when you have cows?
  • Why buy a vacuum when you have chickens?
  • Georgians never heard the Greeks when they said everything in moderation (I’m talking mostly about alcohol).
  • What goes through your head when you see a road sign over the highway near Tbilisi saying Tehran 800km?
  • I tried to wipe the mud from my shoes on the grass in the yard but the cows ate it all.
  • Did the Russians really have to bomb all the bridges near Gori? It really makes it hard to travel to Tbilisi.  (Of course as far as military tactics go, I guess it makes sense).  Russia I shake my fist at you.
  • Why do the mice in my house have to pick 2 a.m. to play soccer with the walnuts?
  • We lost power because it rained so much that the power line could no longer be supported by the ground it had been placed in.

  • “I feel like I’m the bun and you’re my hot dog and I am bunning you” -Carla (introducing Carlaisims)
  • “Oh my god I am a fire breathing dragon. Is anything coming out? –Carla
  • Maybe the Minister (of Education) can come to Zugdidi and we can voice our complaints to him directly” –Carla  “With bricks” –Yevgeniy   This was a response to the Ministry breaking our contract (again) and adding or changing things.
  • “Memoirs of a Geisha reminds me of my life here” –Ilana “Because of the gender roles and all” –Carla “No, because of the captivity” –Ilana 
  • “You would never be able to get this close to a cow in the U.S.” –Ilana  Talking to my sister about the difference between cows in the U.S. and cows in Georgia.

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