Saturday, September 4, 2010

9/2 Today started earlier then the other days. We started with breakfast and a check out from the hotel. We then went to the Minister of Education and Science, where we were greeted by the press. The Minister himself spoke to us about this program, the Georgian country, his hopes for Georgia, and why we are so important to the improvement of Georgia. He then quickly left and left us to enjoy more Georgian wine and our mingling.

We then got back onto the bus for a quick return to the hotel to change cloths, just to get back on the bus to a very very late lunch in Mtskveta. This is where we had our first Georgian Supra. It was full of Georgian food and lots of different drink choices-but no wine. We then got back on the bus and headed to Kutaisi.

On our way to Kutaisi I felt like I saw a completely different side of Georgia then what I saw in Tbilisi. There was so much trash on the side of the road, along with random cows, and people selling hammocks on the side of the street. The houses also looked like they really needed some work. It was almost like a scene out of Africa. There was different flora but about the same idea. It was clear there was still building left over from Communism.

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