Saturday, September 4, 2010

Urban hiking

8/31 The beginning of my travels started at 10:45pm MST as DIA. I got through security with no problem and had almost two hours at my gate before my plane departed for JFK in New York. I got about three hours of sleep on that flight then I landed at JFK at 6:30am EST time. I got a small bite to eat and pass out on a table near the Starbucks. I spent most of my day near that Starbucks because it was great people watching and good music. How could my day get any better? Later I checked in for my next flight to Munich. I was at my gate for the longest time then finally these two very nice girls came up to me and asked if I were a part of Greenheart Travel. I knew there were going to be at least four other people from my group on the flight but had no idea how to find them. We then also found another participant and later when we were boarding the plane we found yet another. So in total there was Michelle, Melissa, Ken and Emily.

After almost a 2 hour delay at the gate we were off and flying. Once we were in Munich we checked our bags into a locker and got on the Sban to city center. After walking around aimlessly around we decided on a free walking tour. Our guide was really interesting but a bit over the top and Scottish. He knew a great deal of history, which was great! From there we went back to the Hofbrau House for some German beer and bratwurst. A liter of beer later we were all feeling a little drunk but, decided to go to the second level for another beer. Finally we made our way back to retrieve our bags and to our gate.

We arrived in Tibilisi, Republic of Georgia around 3am and were greeted by personnel and put onto a bus to our hotel. We finally got to bed around 5:30am. The rest of the day we spent eating and sleeping at out hotel. Later in the afternoon we took a walk near our hotel and had our first experience of Tbilisi.

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