Saturday, September 4, 2010

First day of training

9/3 Today was our first day of training, both of Georgian language and teaching methodology. Unfortunately, our training and sleeping and eating are all in the same building so we don’t get out much. We aren’t really allowed to go into Kutaisi or interact with the local population. I am hoping to take a run tomorrow morning before people are really out on the streets but my concern will be the street dogs. Apparently, there are a bunch of street dog packs on the streets of Kutaisi.

As for our training…Georgian class went well and I really like our Georgian teacher. I can’t remember her name but she used to do training for the Peace Corps before she switched to this program. I think that is also the case for the rest of Georgian teachers here. Then we had teaching methodology in the afternoon. We briefly learned different teaching techniques, well in three hours. Either way it was super boring!

Oh and funny thing my Georgian teacher says wowels, not vowels. Chet that is for you!!!

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