Friday, October 22, 2010

no power

This morning I woke up to no power.  This actually happens quite frequently but I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before.  Even the wind can’t kill this beautiful morning.  I wake up with no power almost once a week.  For my house I am lucky because not having power does not mean not having water like in some of the cities.  (Also in the cities you can have power but no water.  Water in the cities is on a cycle and usually comes on for a few hours a day every day.  Then some days the water never comes on.  No one seems to know why the water is off but they also don’t seem to care either.)
I thought that is would bother me more that the power drops out so often but it really does not affect my life too much.  I have just learned to charge my phone, computer, and iPods when we have electricity.  And if I don’t get around to it then I don’t have those things, oh well. 
                My family cooks most of our dishes over a fire or in/on top of this wood burning oven/stove we have in our dining room so the lack or power only affects their ability to see what they are doing.  But this is why there are flash lights, candles, and lanterns in every room of my house.  I am really impressed out it does not affect them that much.  Having always lived in cities when having power is just a given and when the power goes out the whole city shuts down, this is quite a difference.

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