Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Day in the Sun

I will start this post by saying it is so hot here. Secondly, it is really hot here. Third, it's also super humid.

My first full day in Managua started with an early wake up. Apparently people get up early here. One because it gets too hot to sleep and two there is no safe night life here, so people go (foreigners) go to bed early. After getting myself ready, I head to the main location of my hostel (one block away).  There is a small kitchen where you can buy breakfast "meals". After eating a surprisingly good omlette and some oj, I am ready for my day to really start. 

After looking in my guide book for something to do or go see, I realize Managua doesn't have a long list of true tourist attractions. I decide on seeing Loma de Tiscapas. It is a creator in Managua.  I ask the guy at the front desk (he speaks English) what is the best way to get where I want to go. This starts a lengthy chat on things Nicaraguan and other random topics. Anyway, I decide to walk, rather than take a taxi. I, of course, get lost. But I did find my Spanish school for next week. I resolve to waving down a taxi. Super nice guy who didn't over charge.

Once atop a small hill, I am looking at a not so impressive site. Still worth the experience though. At least I wasn't the only one taking pictures.  I buy a popsicle and head down the hill. (I figure I can walk back).

I wonder into another shopping mall. It's not as nice as the one near my hostel but alas it has a food court. I decide I am not ready to search for food on the street (even though I have heard it can be very good). I switch it up by ordering some Cuban fare. I still don't know what makes it Cuban because it looked just like the other Nicaraguan eateries. Whatever, it wasn't great but the people watching was worth it.  Kids on the play structure, parents looking burnt out, moms trying to get a quick bite in while they can...somethings never change.

I start the long haul back across town. A little sunburn, a few blisters, and a stop for cold water, and I am back at my hostel. Where I decide that a little TV and relaxation with my lone fan is a good idea. I turn on the TV and I see a commercial (in English) for the show Hillbilly Hand Fishing. I laugh and think of Brad, Andy Jr, and his boys.

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