Tuesday, March 27, 2012


After a week in San Isidro with amazing EOS International staff, it was time for me to move on. I ended up going to Leon with a Peace Corps volunteer that I met during my stay in San Isidro. She was going to Leon to celebrate her birthday with some other PCV and had invited me to come along.

It was one of my better travel decisions for sure. Everyone that I met from PC was amazing. All super nice and welcoming to a non-volunteer. It was in the 24 hours I spent with them, that I decided I could never do PC. They were all doing such amazing things with their time and energy. I was definitely impressed but also reassured that PC is not for everyone, especially me.

We spent last Saturday afternoon on the beach west of Leon. It was great to be near the water. Being land locked my whole life, I always get super excited when I get to hang out near large bodies of water. This beach experience was different than any other I have had in the past, why? Because it was hot. It is hot. Leon is hot. The usual breezy at the beach felt like a hot wind from hell. The water was at least 80°. So when you went in, it was only marginally cooler than the air outside.  With all of my statements of, "it's so hot," it was sill an enjoyable experience. It was also good to get my tan on. I need all the help I can get.

After our afternoon at the beach we made the seemingly longer journey back to our hostel. It was there that I met another 7 or so PCVs. We quickly got ready with the prospect of food in our thoughts. A few of the volunteers had been to Leon before and they lead us to a cheap and delicious shawarma place. Thank Nicaragua for dinners that cost 2 dollars.

Once we were all feed and back in good spirits we headed to the nearest bar. My apologies to everyone we encounter that night. Our American reputation held true.

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