Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My New Fav!!!

Granted I have yet to visit other places in northern Nicaragua but I think Matagalpa is my favorite.

I am loving the weather and the people, oh and the food! The chicken from the street vendors is the best chicken I have ever had. The great thing about street vendors is that the food tastes like it's from a down home BBQ. Def some of the better food I have had in a foreign country. It's all about the spices. That being said, I try to eat street food at least once a day. Plus it is also the cheapest. Bonus!!!

This past week I took 15 hours of Spanishes classes. Most days it was for 4 hours a day. It was intense but totally worth it. It was nice to have a memory jog on the grammer and some vocab. Ttyhe only problem is that I stayed at a ostel and spoke English with other Americans every day. Which is why I am excited for next week when I will be staying at the EOS office in San Isidro.

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