Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Friends, New Food

 From 3-8-2012
This morning for breakfast I had a "el tipico" to eat. That would be two eggs, gallo pinto ( beans and rice with some spices and chili), and sweet bananas, with coffee. So good. Or at least that is what i thought until today.
Toward the end of breakfast a guy at another table asks me what I ordered. I tell him and that's how conversations start. Long story short, we make two additions to our wolf pack and head out.
We were headed to the only museum in the city, which ended up being closed for Women's Day. Shouldn't they have done something different for the day? Oh well. I guess it means the women who work there get the day off. But they probably didn't get it paid. Tangent, back to food.
On the way to figuring all this out we stop at a place on the street for some food. Best food yet!!! It was so much and for such a good price! I wish this  food stand was by our hostel.
My point being, def try street food. I have heard to be cautious with beef and pork but chicken is usually good. Shoot, just thinking about it makes me hungry for more. I wish we had food like this at home.

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