Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Us vs. Them

Without trying to start a political conversation, that will inevitably spiral downhill, I write on.

Today I woke up feeling like I was ready to move on to the next city. I like Managua but I am ready to see more of this beautiful country, and maybe cooler temperatures.  The one thing I decided not to do yesterday was to see the New Church. It was finished in 1993 and structurally different than many other churches here, or in other parts of the world-think the roof tops of a Turkish bathhouse. It was fairly austere but amazing architecture. It is unlike any other church I have ever seen.

So, that was 15 minutes well spent...now what.

I decided to walk back across town to a little beach front bar area. Don't get too excited because the lake is far to polluted to swim in; what a shame, that could be a huge tourist attraction. There is this government owned restaurant and bar area that my taxi took me my first day here but we didn't stay that long. So I find my way during my hour walk across town. 

On my way I see many of the government buildings full of lush gardens and gorgeous courtyards and, I also see the other side of Nicaragua.  The side that is very much representative of Nicaragua being one of the poorest countries in the world. These two words are separated by cast iron fences and security guards.  For example, Daniel Ortega's house/office (I have heard both), is across the street from some of the worst conditions I have seen here. With trash everywhere, with children and dogs searching the rubbish for food and clothing. Good thing he has tall bushes and a small park in the way to block his view. 

I do understand that there is only so much money to go around but still... I don't think those two worlds should be so separate. Parks and gardens can be enjoyed by all people, from all walks of life. Enough of my "why can't everyone just get along" bs.  I just wanted to comment that Managua is the greatest example of the haves and have -nots.

Deciding I had had enough of the heat I stopped at a restaurant for lunch. I was served ice with my water...it hasn't hit me yet. But it tasted so nice and cold! Again, I gave up and took a taxi back to my hostel. 

Still burning up from the inside out I head to the pool. For $11 a night and a pool at my disposal,  its the perfect price.

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