Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On the Move

From 3-10-2012
Last Saturday I traveled to Matagalpa. It was definitely an
 experience at the bus station. Think a very large dirt lot 
with a few steel structures. It is not a place where you want 
to spend a lot time. Which is why it was so great to go straight 
from the car to the bus. 

Which was also an experience. They have these clowns that
"entertain" the passengers for the first part of the trip. 
It seemed  a bit much but I couldn't understand them.
Then some guy tried to get me to get up out of my seat so 
I would have to stand. He literally looked around, saw the 
white girl and thought, " I am going to make her stand, 
so i can sit." I just turned my head and pretended like 
I didn't  understand what was going on. What an asshole! 
I sank into my seat, hoping no one else will confront me. 
I knew it was going to be hard but for the first time yet
this trip, I almost let myself feel defeated. 

Remembering that I had felt similar to this at one point 
in time while in Georgia, I reminded myself it will get 
better. BUT not before it got worse. I had made a stupid 
decision to travel later in the day than normal and I 
ended up missing my stop. So i was freaking out that I 
was going to get in after dark. Longer story short, I 
made it before dark. Thank you group of older men who gave 
me directions and a very nice taxi driver.Lesson learned. 
Travel earlier in the day.
I stayed at La Buena Onda. Def one of the better places 
in town. The people who work there are great!  They are 
super nice and fun to be around. The younger 
Nicas for sure. Bob Marley helped with the cool status also.

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